Sunday, March 13, 2011

Keep a child alive campaign

In Africa is where I was born,
Wearing dirty clothes that were torn,
Destined to die all alone,
Coz I have no family at home,
My bed is the cold ground,
Eating food that I found,
I walk around but I don't make a
Afraid I might be seen,
So I hide-away to dream,
Dream is all I can do,
Coz my dream will never come true,
U see I was born with HIV,
So my parents got rid of me,
Not knowing that help was availabe
for free,
All thanx to people like Alicia Keys,
Who helped raise funds for my
So if u want me & my friends to
Join "Keep a child alive,"
& Help us fight HIV AIDS once & for
Thanx again for listening to my call...